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         In 1972, John Badway accepted his first position within the construction industry.  Over the next twelve years, he advanced in the field, learning all aspects of home building at three diverse companies with very different building and customer service philosophies.  The knowledge and experience he acquired with these differing companies, mixed with his own sense of integrity and drive to make a positive difference, laid the foundation for what would become the philosophy and mission statement of his own company, Hometown Builders, Inc., which he started in 1984. 

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         The philosophy he strove for was simplistic by business standards; “Quality and integrity could not be compromised.  Complete customer satisfaction must always be the goal.  Value must not be sacrificed to price.”

         Since 1984, Hometown Builders has built and sold over 800 homes, at varying price points, in the Chicagoland area.  As a small entrepreneur, to achieve this mission without compromising his philosophy, he began establishing long-term relationships with some of the finest craftsmen and top-notch suppliers.  Along with stability and consistency in production, these relationships offered superior materials and products at consistent pricing and quality workmanship.  John Badway, infusing his own personal interest in the design and efficiency of each home, began creating his own home plans and customizing to meet the varying needs of his clients.  By providing this scope of attention to details and relationships with his business associates and clients, Hometown Builders became well known as a company that lived up to it’s philosophy.  John Badway’s personal interest in each home that boar his name, and his ultimate sense of responsibility for every detail, became the driving force behind the success in providing a real value, a quality home and a satisfied customer.

    Today, Hometown Builders, Inc., with a team of five professionals, has evolved into a full service custom home builder that remains committed to that core philosophy.  The focus is still to deliver the highest quality and best value to their customer, however, that focus has broadened.  Currently building homes in historic Wheaton, Illinois, Hometown Builders has fused its quality craftsmanship standards and efficient designs with the richness and romance of historic architecture.  These blended influences have resulted in a new level of fine custom home building.  The change is visible in each home.  The philosophy remains the same.

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